Thursday, 17 October 2013

La mia stanza

So I have finally got round to sorting out my room and taking some photos. For me, it is very important that my bedroom feels homely. At university in Brighton this wasn't a problem as I could take as much as I wanted with me, however here it has been really hard to make my room feel like home. I don't know why, maybe because of the size - it's huge, or the tiled floor but hopefully the longer I am here the more at home I will feel. I just 'feng shuied' and it feels better already.

Apart from that, it's a lovely room. The two large windows are my favourite part. They let in so much light and i have shutters! My desk is very big which I'm sure will be useful when actually start studying. I also love my comfy armchair which at the moment is mostly used for dumping my clothes but at some point I am adamant that I will sit there one morning, reading with a coffee.

Least favourite item of furniture - i think i need some fairy lights

My Ikea purchases 

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