Friday, 28 February 2014

During my exams, i escaped my apartment for an afternoon and went to Via Appia Antica which the oldest Roman road in Rome. I went with my friend Laura who drove us there because it is in the outskirts of Rome. It was nice to get some fresh air and see some countryside! 

Via Appia Antica 

Via Appia Antica 

Via Appia Antica 

One evening at Castel Sant Angelo

Florence! - Well what can i say, Florence is absolutely amazing - i think i liked it even more than Rome. I visited last weekend with my friend Gez and i already can't wait to go back. The weather was beautiful, around 20 degrees. We only had one full day there so we just wandered on Saturday. The weather was so lovely it would have been a shame to be inside a museum. We tried to visit the Boboli gardens but it was 10 euro for a ticket, a bit much.  We had lunch at the famous sandwich shop there but then the storm arrived and we got absolutely soaked! In Italy, storms give no warning. Saturday evening we had a nice meal and drank a lot of Chianti wine. 

One of many bridges 

Ponte Vecchio - this famous bridge is full of posh and very expensive shops. Watches for £30,000! 

The view from the balcony- the Duomo is in the middle of the picture

The Duomo- this building is the most impressive thing i have ever seen. I saw it for the first time in the evening when it was dark so it was lit up and it is so beautiful. The outside is so exquisite, it not does look real. Next time i visit, i would love to go inside. 

Next stop Bologna! I got the train Sunday evening to Bologna and met my friend Glesni who studies there. It was great as she was my personal tour guide. Again the weather was absolutely stunning. We walked through the city and stopped at a famous ice cream shop. That evening we cooked a meal and went to watch 12 years a slave (in English) which is an amazing film. The next day we went to a park nearby and took a picnic. We met Lucie, another girl from my university who studies in Bologna.

Me, Glesni and Lucie 

On Monday afternoon we walked up Tower Asinelli and because the weather was so beautiful the views were fantastic. 

View from Tower Asinelli 

University of Bologna 

Tower Asinelli 

On Tuesday, Glesni's boyfriend, Enrico, who is from Bologna took us up to the hills surrounding Bologna. We found some swings - perfect photo opportunity

Le colline