Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mel's visit to Rome - Rome and Tivoli

So two weeks ago my friend Mel, who i met last year in Corfu, was in Rome. It was lovely to have catchup and to be a tourist again. On the Friday we visited a little town outside of Rome called Tivoli which had the most stunning views!  There are two gardens to visit there but as it took us so long to find them (italian sign posts) we only managed to get into one.

Villa Gregoriana- this park was actually shut but Mel used her ' i'm australian and i'm going back tomorrow- so this is my last chance to see it' - and it worked! The man also gave us a guided tour. In Villa Gregoriana there is a huge waterfall which is the second largest in Italy - unfortunately my photos of the waterfall did not come out great.

A beautiful sunset 

On the Saturday we visited the Vatican. This time we did the Basilica and the tower. The Vatican is always so busy and we had a queue a very long time but the views from the top were worth it

Tourists at the Vatican 

View from the top 

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